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Course and lesson prices at DRIVEWELL Driving Academy

Below are details of our lessons and course prices. We recommend 2 hour lessons and research has proved that usually pupils will need fewer hours if lessons are 2 hours and weekly, making driving lessons more cost effective for you. Consequently at Drivewell Driving Academy we believe that the benefits of 2 hour lessons far outweigh single hourly lessons as by the time you get in the car, do your Cockpit Drill, objectives and explanations are done and you get into some practice it is almost time to drive back!

The cost of learning to drive depends on several factors including how much driving experience you have and how much private practice you do. The DVSA advise that it can take an average of 2 hours professional tuition for every year of your life and 22 hours of private practice to pass a driving test.

Pay as you go

2 Hour lesson


Block Bookings

10 Hours (paid in advance)


Student Discounts

10 Hours (paid in advance)


Pass Plus

6 Hour Course

Normally 2x3 Hour sessions or 3x2 Hour sessions. This course includes Motorway Driving


Advanced Driver Training

2 Hours Advanced

Eco, motorway tuition


Instructor training

Part 2 & 3 Training

Please call to discuss different payment options

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